Friday, May 27, 2005

First time

Well, its the first time that am writing in something like this. I got the idea from my friend Anwesha. When I was a kid, like many others of my age, I had this habbit of writing diaries. This diary of mine had all my secrets. Including those that I had never shared with anyone. Never wanted to share also. I had to be very careful with it. I had to make sure that no one ever read it. But one fine day- that cursed morning!!!- it fell into my mother's hand!!!! And I had thought that am finished!! And I had ended up tearing my favourite diary, my little friend- one who was always by my side. Never deserted me. Shared my good and bad time. Always patiently gave me a ear, when i cursed my teachers for giving me less marks!!! And comforted me when my parents would scold me. Be on my side when I would fight with my sisters and friends. But now my friend was gone.
But since that day, I had stopped writing. Stopped completely,till today when suddenly I felt that small school going kid in me coming back to life. I have started feeling that may be I should start writing again. I feel its the best way in which I can handle my tensions and anxieties. I feel so because ever since a very young age I used spend hours talking to myself. I always would find one particular time of the day when I wanted to be alone. But now if I do that, my elder sister who is a Psychiatrist, will think that am going through depression. And she might prescribe medicines. So i thought of reverting back to writing . Writing what I feel, What I like and what I dont!!!
So this blogspot is all about me and hence the title!!


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