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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

My hostel - what a place to be in!

Those long and eventful four years!!! I had never been so away from home. My college was some thousand kilometers away from my home. I, being the youngest in the house, could never get over homesickness. My college didn’t have a ladies’ hostel in the college campus. The ladies’ hostel was situated in a residential area quite far from the college. The boys’ hostel was however in the college campus. Amazing, isn’t it!
There were three hostels for the boys in the campus. Each of them had a garden, solar water heater and a guard. But our hostel was just a three - storey building. We girls were forever complaining about the bad hostel, bad food and the bad place. In the evenings we could see all sorts of and all colour insects. Many a times, we would get up in the morning with insect bites!!
At 7:30 in the evening our dinner used to be ready. It was self service. We had rice, north Indian dal, south Indian sambhar, one sabji and curd. Of these, the north Indian dal (as it was supposed to be) was just some yellow dal boiled with onion, garlic and coriander leaves. But yes, the sambhar used to be tasty. The sabji would be insipid. The roti s would become papad by 8:30. So we would eat papad and sabji!!! No non-veg were allowed. On Wednesday, our cook used to boil eggs for us. The gravy used to made separately. So for those who would not eat egg, could take the gravy and banana!! We had one TV which was kept in a small room in the terrace and it had no cable channels. Only the national network!
There used to be one good thing about our hostel. Whenever there used to a power failure, we had the generator. Our guard was an old man. In the local language, grandfather is referred to as “Ajja”. So the moment there would be a power failure, all 60 girls would come to the corridor and yell “Ajja, generator”. This would be true anytime of the day. I still remember, during our last minute work before our project submission, those precious few moments before the computer, and then the power cut! If it weren’t for the generator our project work would have been……………, I don’t know what!!!